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You know, it really comes down to the fact that we like to make people laugh. We are not ever trying to be mean or hateful… We just want to get people talking, conversating, laughing, smiling and hanging out. If our shirts can spark up a conversation between strangers or bring people together to laugh, then we are happy. Sometimes the world and media can be too damn serious and we think that the human race could use a little levity and should lighten up a little bit.

Have you ever said to yourself “Man, that would make an awesome t-shirt!” So have we. As a matter of fact that is what started us in the t-shirt business. New Moose started off as just an outlet for creativity in 2012. If we got an idea, we wrote it down. Pages and pages later, we decided to start putting them on shirts for ourselves. And as we frequented bars (maybe more than we should have) and parties (definitely more than we should have) people would ask about our funny shirt. Where can we get them, they would ask. Well we finally gave them a place.

Inevitably we decided to put all of those ideas we have been gathering into a t-shirt business. And that is how we got here. Designing and making funny products. Simple as that.

So have fun, browse our collection, and be nice to one another!

-New Moose Team

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