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  • tshirt that says better to be late than to arrive ugly

    Better To Be Late Than To Arrive Ugly T-Shirt


    Pretty Standard.

  • Party Until You’re Pregnant T-Shirt


    When you are younger, you like to think nothing can stop you from having the time of your life. You get home when you want, you eat at your discretion and you drink vodka like potatoes are going extinct. That is until the unexpected happens… knocked up. Good luck with that lifestyle now.

  • I Need a Nap and an Orgasm T-Shirt (Womens)


    Really the question is… which one do you need more? Or if you had to choose, which one would be first? That might a good plot to the next Speed movie… “You Have To Choose NOW!!! Nap or Orgasm? MAKE YOUR CHOICE!!!” Let’s hope we never have to make that choice and assume that both are always going to be an option.

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Funds T-Shirt


    We ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger… but she ain’t messin’ with no dude either. We like to think women want to have a large bank account to help the hungry and buy school supplies for the less fortunate. But most likely that isn’t the case for most women. Shoes, purses, coffee drinks, and exotic vacations. That is how to land a supermodel.

  • Alcohol Is My Cruel Bitch Mother (Womens)


    We are not claiming a full out Norman Bates type situation, but we are saying that if alcohol left, we might go insane. So no matter how bad you treat us and how many times you make us act like an idiot, we will be back. It’s sad really…

  • Fart Heart T-Shirt (Womens)


    Go ahead… sound it out. It might take a little bit… F Heart? Is that right? Oh…. FART! I get it! It is a clever little play on letters and shapes that will be sure to get people wondering and then chuckling. Not really a church Sunday shirt or even a first date shirt (unless you are extremely ballsy) but you will definitely fit in out on the town, in a bar, or handing with your friends. Who doesn’t love a good fart joke? They are the cornerstone of a good evening out and the bread and butter of most lighthearted life’s of the party. Put it on and let the fart reign supreme.

  • Kansas City Crown Shuttle Cock T-Shirt (Womens)


    If you are a lover of Kansas City and want to show off your pride, check out this awesome shuttle cock crown t-shirt.