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  • black tshirt that says shut up liver, you're fine

    Shut Up Liver, You’re Fine T-Shirt


    When you liver is acting up, you can’t just let it go to sleep. You need to give it a pep talk. And as my dad used to say, “Rub some dirt on it, get a bandaid, and play on.”

  • tshirt Alcohol Might Not Solve Your Problems, But Neither Will Water or Milk

    Alcohol Might Not Solve Your Problems T-Shirt


    Booze is my friend.

  • T-shirt that says Shit Canned

    Shit Canned T-Shirt

  • tshirt that says i drink and i know things

    I Drink And I Know Things


    Self Proclaimed Genius.

  • What The Fuck Happened Last Night T-Shirt


    We have all been there… You wake up with an extremely fuzzy feeling and start to piece together the events that let you to this feeling. Did that really happen? Did I really do that? Why do I feel like hell warmed over? How did I get here and should I be afraid? As you stumble your way to the shower to try and wash off the regret, grab a large coffee, some pain killers, and your new favorite t-shirt. What the fuck happened last night? That is the usual question that usually takes a few days to get the real story. At least anyone who runs into you today will know your pain and maybe be able to answer those burning questions about the previous evening. If anything, you can get a laugh and tell stories of what you do remember. Look like hammered shit.

  • tshirt that says Destroy Your Liver World Tour 1978

    Destroy Your Liver World Tour 1978


    78 Was A Great Year.

  • y'all got vodka black shirt

    Y’all Got Vodka? T-Shirt


    Cowboys and Cowgirls need to get hammered too.

  • Sorry… I Was Drunk T-Shirt


    How many times have you been here? You wake up, slowly start to remember what you did. Look through your phone and learn a little more about the previous night. And slowly realize you have to apologize. We how about you just wear this shirt to the same bar the next night! Now you don’t have to say sorry to everyone because they will already know.

  • I Recommend Scotch T-Shirt


    It is the nectar of the Gods, the gold watch of retirement, the jump start and the wind down of a beautiful day. Scotch is what we are talking and scotch is what we are recommending. Wearing this shirt, the only question the bartender will be asking is the brand and year. Do you have a cigar that need a tasty friend for the evening? Well I recommend scotch. Notice this shirt doesn’t say ‘I recommend wine coolers.” or “I recommend watered down beer.” If you want that shit, go hang out with the freshmen. We are sophisticated dammit… and our t-shirt is going to let you know.