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  • Your Lips, My Lips, Apocalypse T-Shirt


    Looking across that crowded bar at that sweet piece of ass staring back, you look for the words that can express how you feel. You look for those words that can describe the feeling of what would happen when your two lips meet in a sweet embrace. World ending… it would be that sexually intense. That’s when you walk up to them, grab a butt cheek, and whisper in their ear, “Your lips, my lips, apocalypse.” Who know what will happen after that. The best night of your life? Just maybe. And it all starting with this super cool t-shirt. Take fate in your hands and do some making out.

    P.S. We do not condone grabbing stranger butts (or any other body part).

  • shirt that says lets make out

    Let’s Make Out T-Shirt

  • shirt that says $10 to see it, $20 to ride

    $10 To See It, $20 To Ride T-Shirt


    We can wait if you need to find an ATM.

  • Bearback T-Shirt


    You don’t know the answer unless you ask the question.

  • I Would Cuddle You So Hard T-Shirt


    Most people love a good make out story, especially on Valentine’s day. But everyone loves a good cuddle, anytime of the year.

  • You Got My Jeans Steamin’ T-Shirt


    AKA… I think you are pretty special and would love to take you to out for a nice steak dinner.

  • Blink If You Want Me T-Shirt


    It is pretty simple… if you don’t think we are extremely good looking and maybe want to make out in the dark… just don’t blink your eyes. However if you want to see our naughty parts and possibly connect on a deep level, you know what to do.

  • Fart Heart T-Shirt (Womens)


    Go ahead… sound it out. It might take a little bit… F Heart? Is that right? Oh…. FART! I get it! It is a clever little play on letters and shapes that will be sure to get people wondering and then chuckling. Not really a church Sunday shirt or even a first date shirt (unless you are extremely ballsy) but you will definitely fit in out on the town, in a bar, or handing with your friends. Who doesn’t love a good fart joke? They are the cornerstone of a good evening out and the bread and butter of most lighthearted life’s of the party. Put it on and let the fart reign supreme.